MTB for Mental Health

About Us

Who We Are

MTB For Mental Health Inc. is a non-profit 501(3) organization which was birthed and established by a firefighter who saw the benefits of mountain biking on his own mental health and wanted to help others like mountain biking has helped him.

The organization was started in a bid to bring awareness, educate, and empower those challenged with mental and emotional trauma.

 Through mountain biking, we empower our peers to not only stay active but reconnect with nature while providing a safe space to de-stress and relieve anxiety. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our community needs precisely and completely. We will ensure the growth and elevation of thought to create a foundation for self-betterment, achievements and positive lifestyle change.

 MTB For Mental Health Inc. Has as its paramount goal, to educate the public about mental health and mental illness working to eliminate stigma, labels and prejudice. Our goal is also to run an organization that will not only succeed but also have a landmark impact locally and nationally.

Our Values

We hope to empower people in our community to transform their lives and improve their coping skills through mountain biking and other holistic services.

  • Vision

A vibrant and healthy world where we can have open dialogue about mental heath with more people riding bicycles

  • Integrity

We pride ourselves in earning the trust of our community by speaking and acting with honesty and integrity

  • Dignity

 We respect everyone while we believe and see their potential

  • Compassion

 We care for the people we serve, our colleagues and ourselves.

Our Team

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    Miguel A. Hincapie
    Founder and CEO

    Miguel Hincapie,  a firefighter with 15+ years of experience who started his career in Volusia county,  central Florida. While in Volusia county, he was part of the FL Task Force #9 gaining vast experience as he was stationed for a majority of the time with the team at their specialty stations with heavy rescue vehicle squad 35. He worked in VCFS for 3 and a half years before moving back home and joining the KBFR team in 2007. He has been with the Village of Key Biscayne Fire Department for the past 12 years.

    Miguel loves to stay active, being a licensed personal trainer as well as having a 200 yoga instructor certificate. He enjoys mountain biking, participating in all sorts of cycling activities in South Florida. Currently, training and competing in local competitions, hoping to qualify to regionals within the next two years.Fueled by his passion of mountain biking, and after being involved with the South Florida Peer Support team for firefighters, MTB For Mental Health was born. 

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    Maritza Torres
    Vice President/CO-Founder

    A recent graduate in Health Services Administration, Maritza joined the team in the hopes to not only support the organization's mission but because she has a deep passion for helping and bringing healing to others. She enjoys nature and being outdoors, and has a passion for mountain biking. Recently started racing in local races, despite being relatively new to the sport, hoping to inspire others.

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    Candy Jimenez


    Candy is a Real Estate Agent in South Florida, who joined the team to serve in support of the organization’s mission and to help  ensure that the organization has financial solvency to support the growth and expansion of the organization which is critical to long term sustainability. Candy also enjoys mountain biking on her time off.

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    Dr. Daniella Sterns

    Dr. Sterns is a University of Florida graudate, who enjoys swimming, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mountain biking on her time off. She joined the team as a certified Level 1 Bike Instructor hoping to help others benefit from mountain biking as well as pursuing the mission of raising awareness of mental health issues that affect our communities.